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Wren is a hardworking book editor who has recently turned 30 and begins to ruminate about her life.

Her only solace is gaming and her small group of 2 online friends, Kanaria and Lonan, who she sometimes chats and plays with. 

‘What does it mean to be an adult? Why does my job make me feel incomplete? Why do I feel like I don't fit anywhere?'

On May 31st, taking advantage of an upcoming long weekend, Kanaria suggests they should finally meet in person at the upcoming GameCon, a medium-sized local game event from Solstice City. 

Unfortunately, the day of the event itself, a terrible accident happens at the Eon Building, the place where it's being held. Wren panics and doesn't know what to do until... huh? 

Why is it suddenly May 31st again? Did she just go back in time?!

  • An intriguing time loop mystery ⏳ 
  • Around 40k+ words
  • A female protagonist
  • 2 male love interests ❤️ (at least for now, little bird~ 🪶) 
  • 4 endings (2 Romance ends & 2 Bad ends)
  • Characters in the Ace Spectrum (sex-neutral) 
  • Gamer adult characters that are full of life ☀️ 
  • Important choices that affect the endings
  • Point & Click investigations that ALSO affect the endings
  • Original sprites, backgrounds and overall artwork
  • A pocket dimension with adorable chibi art 🍁 
  • Mini-illustrations & 5 CGs
  • A lot of memes & references

  • Cursing
  • Anxiety attacks
  • Natural Disaster
  • Shaking screen and light flashes
  • Slight physical violence
  • Depictions of blood and death
  • Implications of emotional abuse
  • Workplace harassment
  • Acephobia (Lonan's route)

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorFable Novel
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
Tagsamare, asexual, Comedy, Female Protagonist, Mystery, Otome, Point & Click, Romance, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Version 5
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Version 5

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THE ART LOOKS AMAZING cant wait to play this!

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I peeped the devlog after playing this AMAZING game and saw you guys said that you'd make a route for you-know-who if there is enough interest. o.o Well I'm here to tell you that there is MAJOR Interest over here at least 100 people's worth from me alone xDD I would LOVEEE the route!

But this was such an amazing experience, WILD to me that you guys made this for a jam!! It definitely does have a big scope haha this could've easily been a longer game and I commend you on being able to make such a concise and engaging story in the confines of the time limits. No one part of it missed! Music, story, graphics, gui, coding, all so TOP NOTCH!!! You guys KILLED it and did NOT have to go that hard lmao!!! I'm just greedy and wish I could see more of this world ;_; I wish it could have been longer because it was SO good and the world building was amazing. You guys practically reinvented the time loop genre lmfao, you guys gave your own unique spin and I absolutely LOVE THAT! Wasn't your average time loop story. Also loved how relatable and down to earth the characters all are! I felt comforted reading the dialogue between the friends but also in moments it was so interested and intriguing and even creepy/suspenseful in other moments! You guys really killed it!

You have a fan over here. Super excited to see what you create in the future!

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Omg your comment made my day 😭💘

Thank you so much for your sweet words!! We're really happy to know you enjoyed the game so much!! ❤️💕 

The game definitely had a big scope, especially with the tricky time loop, and we've certainly paid the price with our sleep schedule 🤣 , so we learned to scope smaller for game jams from now on  💪 . Plus we had a blast making it, so it really means a lot that it was so well received 😊❤️  

You-know-who will definitely have a route sometime 😏 even among the team, a lot of us are fans of him so we're excited to make it!! 

We hope you enjoy our other projects as well! 🌸 

This kept happening when I tried to download.. Please help, I'm on MAC.

That's certainly strange 🤔 Have you tried re-starting your MAC? Or downloading it on another browser? Sometimes it's a weird thing about the browser, I've sometimes had the issue of itch io games not downloading and one of those two usually fixes the issue 💪 

Let me know if that works! 🌸


I'm seriously wondering why the game isn't more popular, it's just SOO GOODDDD

Aww that's really sweet of you to say!! We're happy to know you enjoyed it so much!! 🥰💖🌸


Played for Lonan, stayed for... well, everyone. I knew I was gonna like Galvin, but Lonan was really the one who caught my eyes first 😂

He's such a cutie. Was just thinking how I wanted to give him a hug, but then the very next thing he does is give you a hug (well, hug spin). 

Curious how Kanaria would react to Wren and Galvin going out tho 😏🤭

Aww thanks so much, Ant!! 🥰❤ Happy to know you liked everyone!! 😊💕

Hehe, Lonan catches everyone's heart with his cuteness 💗💞 ☺️

Kana found out at the climax of Galvin's route that there was definitely something going on 😏 She'd definitely tease once she knows about them dating but also be super happy for them 🌸


I just binged the game in one sitting and I just want to say that I LOVED IT. 

The storyline is excellent and the characters are fantastic - Galvin is all grumpy but with a soft centre, Lonan gives off adorable golden retriever energy and Invar is so mysterious and intriguing that I hope he gets his route eventually!

You're so sweet, thank you so much!! 😭❤💘 Invar will definitely have a route too! 😊🌸


i loved invar so much omg i hope he gets a route in the future too... however that'd even work at all


Hehe we're happy to know you like Invar!! We plan to release a route for him next year 🥰💕 


oh my god that makes me even more excited now thank you  😭


This was so cute! I just finished Lonan's route and I loved it. The fact that he's on the ace spectrum makes me so happy, I'm ace too and I rarely see ace characters anywhere. So seeing him, and seeing Wren accept his boundaries and him the way he is made me really happy. Thank you <3


Thank you so much for your kind comment ❤☺️🤗 We're really happy to know you liked Lonan's route!! Hehe yes, Lonan is asexual, Wren is demisexual and Galvin is graysexual! 

It's true, there really isn't much representation for ace characters, especially in Otome! 😞 So we wanted to add many in this story ☺️🌸 I'm (this is Pri the writer) on the ace spectrum too so I had a blast writing acespec characters and it makes me really happy that fellow acespec people can relate to them 🥰💕


Very cute and also very excited for Invar route !!! 

Thank you so much!! 😊


ooo this looks cute

Thank you!! We hope you enjoy the game ☺️❤


I am so excited for Invars's route... If it's going to be a thing. Out of all the characters, I felt so sad for him. His expression at the end... when he says her name!! Ahh, I can't get enough of it.

We're really happy to know you liked Invar so much!! 🥰❤ 

Yes, definitely, we're planning to make a route for him too!! 😎💫

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​Ahhhh! This was so wonderful. I binged and played through all I could. For some reason, some of the mementos didn’t save once I continued/started again (basically, the very first ending I got, some of those images didn’t save; all the other three did, though). I played through most endings (four so far - one romance and one bad each LI). The only issue with doing that/replaying is you cannot really press Tab/Skip, because otherwise, you miss the mementos/paradoxes - that’s probably the only thing I’d change, really. Anyway, this is just so solid and beautiful of a game. This was so wonderful. The MC is great, not a weak, meek thing. The two LIs are also wonderful. Each of them is so cute and sweet in their own way. It’s really difficult to choose a favourite between them, actually, which doesn’t usually happen for me. Like one of the other comments, I was very much team Lonan, not thinking Galvin could beat him (tsunderes are rarely done in an earnest and endearing way), but ohmygoodness, Galvin not only gave him/tsuns a run for the money, but he also made me adjust my favourite for sure. The pacing and development is on-point. The world-building is well-done, to. And Invar, oh my goodness! Not only was that handled so well - the “tutorial” explaining the game mechanics and everything - it was just too perfect, integrated as part of the game, yet also breaking the 4th wall - but he, himself is just captivating. I cannot wait for him. Everything with him was just A+, he steals the scene. And that face he makes when he actually uses her name? Ah, I cannot wait, I can already tell we’re gonna feel for him. It’ll be wonderful, too, I’m sure. I don’t want this to be the end, ya know? These guys were just great, even just the non-romance/friendly banter between friends was so great to see - let alone more romance. That’s pretty impressive, when I’m even happy with just the normal/mundane interactions. So, well-done. Really. I cannot wait for the rest, and whatever else you do in the future.

(1 edit)

Thank you so much for your kind words and for such a long review!! ☺️❤ We really appreciate all the feedback!! 

When it comes to the images not saving, we'll definitely have to revise that, there seems to be a bug that makes some not show 🤔

 Regarding the skipping, blue and yellow memory shards (which then transform into mementos if you get them all) can only be collected from dialogue choices, and the skip button stops before Wren has to make a choice so it shouldn't be missable. 

As for the paradoxes, which are collected in the time pond game, the skip button also stops right before the pocket watch starts shining but it seems it's still easy to miss the time pond game sections, so we’ll add a prompt notifying the player that they are skipping past the timepond section and whether they want to proceed or not, after the first playthrough in both routes 💪.

 Thank you so much for the feedback! ☺️❤ We're also really happy to know that you like the characters so much and that you're looking forward to Invar's route!! 🥰❤

(1 edit) (+1)

No worries about the images - I figure it’s a bug, no worries at all!

The shards weren’t an issue! So no worries there. It was definitely the paradoxes. Perhaps it was just my system/setup, then, because the skip literally only stopped at a choice for me. So I missed the glowing pocket watch quite a few times. I ended up space-bar-pressing for the rest of them at some point, just to avoid the miss. But if the stopping-only-at-choices part is for others, then just a code to have it stop when the pocket watch glows would be fine, if you don’t want to put in that notification/prompt part. But really, either is fine! And even then, it’s not even entirely necessary, it just took longer to get through pressing through everything.

And no worries! I definitely loved them. I love the way this is structured, developed, paced - and I love the universe/world - and I especially really love all the characters! I cannot wait for more :)


You're so sweet 😭🌸 thank you!!

As for the time pond investigations that give you the paradoxes, we'll be adding a little message to ask players if they want to skip it too for the next update so hopefully this will prevent players from skipping these parts 💪thanks for bringing this to our attention ☺️

We're really happy to hear you liked the game so much!! Thanks a lot for your kind words!! 🥰❤🌸

what do I do with the paradoxes?

The paradoxes will be relevant at the climax of the story, they're mysterious~

But you need to make sure to have both the yellow and blue mementos as well or the paradoxes won't work.

We've got a walkthrough here in case you're having trouble getting the endings ✨ https://fablenovel.itch.io/hummingbirds-crown/devlog/399601/walkthrough-some-spo...


Ah! thank you!


How Dare Lonan be this cute! I love this game.

Thanks so much!! Happy to know you're enjoying the game 😊❤️  Hehe, Lonan is a cute dork~ 


I've now played Galvin's rout and Oh my god. I love them both.

Hehe, thank you!! Happy to know you liked Galvin too!! ☺️🥰❤



Absolutely fantastic job of a Visual Novel, very suspenseful and mysterious all the way trough (Well at least all that I played).

The characters are all very cute, and charming (Yes, Even Lonan in his own meme way) the story of the game seems to flow really nicely, I barely noticed I clocked (get it?) a couple of hours already by the end, the Deja Vu theme, even tough it has been used a lot before still feel like a fresh take, with this time reaper fellow and the fact that things can still go wrong after the resets if you don't investigate properly.

Honestly I did not find a single think I did not love in this game, the graphic aspect is worked to almost perfection I would say, and the music, specially the suspenseful one, is used masterfully.

Keep the good work!

(2 edits) (+1)

Your gameplay and comment made our day, thank you so much for giving our game a chance, you're really kind and sweet!! 😭❤️ 

We laughed a lot at your reactions to Lonan's memes and Malt & Pepper 😂 The feedback you gave us was very useful too! The tutorial especially needs revising 💪 

The fact that you also love coffee flavored things just as Galvin was really nice to hear too! ☕️ 

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on the story, characters and overall game with us, we really couldn't stop smiling!! ❤️🥺

We hope you enjoy Galvin's good ending and Lonan's route too! 🌸😊


What a fantastic little time-traveling romp!

I honestly adore all the characters and the dynamics. Wren is excellent and super relatable, as are her friends and love interests.

Lonan is an absolute soft sweetheart and I love him and his dumb memes. Galvin I didn't like at all at first, but the payoff when he softened up was perfect, and I actually ended up liking him a lot! (I love me a well done tsundere). I thought for sure Lonan had a secure hold on my heart, but then Galvin gave him a ferocious run for his money and now I just adore both. Honorable mention to Kanaria, she is a fantastic character and excellent best friend. I saw in the devlog that there is talk of making her the MC of her own game, and I would absolutely be interested in that!

I liked the inclusion of the gameplay elements. The shards were neat and I like that it was explained in-game, though it felt like a lot of explanation for a fairly simple mechanic. I also really liked the point and click parts, but it was a little tedious to get the good end after the bad because I would skip past the glowing events, and couldn't scroll back. (Worth it though, I love gameplay in my otomes!)

I love a good time travel mystery/romance, and this definitely hit the spot! I liked the time loop and the way the MC and LIs reacted to it. I do feel like this is a compressed version of a story that could have been much larger - I still have a lot of questions! Would definitely be interested in a third route. (Tell us your secrets, black bird~)

(1 edit)

Aaaah this is such a cool and sweet review, thank you so much for your kind words!! 😭❤️💕  We're really happy you liked the game and that you're looking forward to the 3rd route & Kana's game!! 😊 

Also, we're really thankful for the feedback, it helps us a whole lot! We'll definitely need to revise the tutorial to make it shorter and more to the point as well as seeing if we can add a 'skip time pond game' option for the player so that they don't have to do them again once they completed them on their first play-through 🤔 

Thank you so much!! ❤️ 


I like this game more than Even If Tempest for sure. 

Solid birb/birb

That's so kind of you to say, thank you so much!! 😊❤💘

(1 edit) (+5)

ahh it's such an amazing game! i haven't played the Lonan's route yet but i've just finished playing Galvin's one and i've had so much fun! the art, the characters and the plot is incredibly well-made, i couldn't stop myself from finishing it! thank you for making such an wonderful game, extraordinary work!!<3

Thank you so much for the lovely response! It definitely made our day 😭❤️ We hope you’ll enjoy Lonan’s route as well!


I haven't finished this game yet, but as a huge fan of timeloop mystery games I am really enjoying this ! The dialogue is so fun to read and I really enjoy the dynamics between the main characters!

Might be odd since this is technically an otome, but I also really like that it's not immediate in your face romance content? I love the detective duo thing Lonan and Wren have going on...it's super cute.

Ty for feeding my biases ; v; 


Thank you so much! We’re so happy to hear you love the dynamics between Lonan and Wren 🥰 we hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the game! ✨ Many things to discover 👀

(1 edit) (+4)

The plot is intriguing. I also love the character designs.

Thank you! 😊 We’re glad you love the characters designs!